Cement Replacement

If concrete was a country, “it would be the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases on Earth, behind only China and the United States”. RTE news . But we all need concrete, millions of tonnes of it are poured for foundations, for onsite walls, floors, partitions and for prefabricated items created offsite.

The “glue” part of concrete is cement. Suppose whenever we were using three bags of cement to make up some concrete, we replaced one bag with a locally sourced green recycled product, compliant with British and EU construction standards thereby reducing our emmisions by a third. Why would we not do this?

From the Aberthaw stock pile, we will process 450,000 tonnes per annum into a cement replacement to be delivered
by train to London, the South East of England were demand is extremely high.

Plastics Filler

50,000 tonnes will be converted into a filler for plastic polymers for distribution across the UK and Europe. This is the first brand new mineral based filler for the plastics industry in more than half a century.

Activated Carbon

120,000 tonnes per annum will create an activated carbon for purification systems. It is also possible to further process the carbon for use as a rubber filler in tyres working with our industrial partners.