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The old Aberthaw Power Station produced mountains of fly ash as a waste product from burning coal. Celtic Minerals is on a mission to build a high-tech ash-processing plant at the Aberthaw Power Station site.

The plant will process 600,000 tonnes of waste ash each year into innovative products and materials. With 17 million tonnes to process, this project will create 100 direct jobs lasting 30+ years. Not only will this enterprise clear the Aberthaw site, but it will kick-start a global high-tech industry centred in Wales.

With over 15 years of experience, Celtic Minerals is now ready to make this industry-changing project happen. The research is complete. The tech is well-established. The tests are approved. Investment funding is secured. Orders are in place. Customers are waiting.

Why Aberthaw?

Cardiff Capital Region has recently acquired the Aberthaw site. The fly ash might seem like a problem to be solved but really they are sitting on a ‘gold mine’.

We have had Aberthaw ash tested at Imperial College London. The ash at the Power Station site is of extraordinarily high quality for our process. Given the shared strategic goals between Celtic Minerals, Cardiff Capital Region, and the Welsh Government, Aberthaw is the ideal site for launching this industry-changing technology.

This green-tech project will breathe life into the region through high-visibility industrial regeneration. The plans clearly align with the Welsh Government agenda to support business innovation, reduce energy consumption, become carbon neutral, create jobs, and capitalise on Welsh assets.

It starts at Aberthaw. But this is a global opportunity.